Dragon Tiger with a money walking formula that you should not miss

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Dragon Tiger with a money walking formula that you should not miss If you are the one who likes to play cards But you don’t have the patience or enough time to sit and think critically, like poker or blackjack, even Baccarat cards are still considered a waste of time playing Dragon Tiger may be the card game you are looking for. And today I’m going to introduce you to a card game that is very popular in the world. online casino Let’s go see how it is. Is it difficult to play? and pay well? Let’s go see.

Dragon Tiger with a money walking formula that you should not miss

 Dragon Tiger Online Card Game Beyond Time

At this minute, I think there is no other card game that ends the round faster than Dragon Tiger again, with a style of play that is similar to Baccarat, but it uses only one card to point out winning or losing. How to play is simple, just let us predict the outcome of the tiger’s side. Or will the dragon win? Or will the two be equal? In addition, the win and loss rate is still as high as 50: 50, thus making this type of card very popular among gamblers who do not like high risks.

Why should you play Dragon Tiger?

For those who don’t have time or don’t like gambling games that take too much time, I think Dragon Tiger is the most suitable thing. Plus, it’s easy to play, just guess who will win. Another thing is that the payout ratio is up to 8 times, while the win-loss ratio is 50 : 50. It is called low-risk. High profit ever

But the disadvantages of the dragon tiger, it has the same. Because it’s a UFABET game that doesn’t take much time. If we lose, it will cause the money to run out quickly as well. There are only 3 forms of betting, at most, 5 in some online casinos , who have little capital or are bored because they are repetitive. This game is definitely not suitable.

Rules of the Dragon Tiger

For the rules of playing Tiger and Dragon, it is not difficult, just we choose to bet on which side will win between Tiger and Dragon or can predict whether it will be a tie (Tie). In each round, there will be only 15 time to place bets. – 40 seconds, depending on which table is set and as soon as the bet is closed The dealer will then deal one card to both the Tiger and the Dragon side, 1 card each before deciding the win or loss.

How is Dragon Tiger counted?

For counting card points , Dragon Tiger is not difficult because it does not measure the size of the flower. Just look at the cards, starting from

Card A is worth 1 point.

Numbered face cards 2-10 have points according to their face numbers.

The J card is worth 11 points.

The Q card is worth 12 points.

The K card is worth 13 points.

How to place bets on Dragon Tiger and the payout ratio

In placing bets on Dragon Tiger cards , players can place their chips on the betting table by choosing to guess.

  1. The tiger wins, if the tiger’s side has more points, it wins. The payout rate is 1 times, excluding capital.
  2. The dragon wins, if the dragon side has more points, it wins. The payout rate is 1 times, excluding capital as well.
  3. Tie If both sides have equal points, it is considered a tie. The payout rate is 8 times, excluding capital.

However, if we predict whether Tiger or Dragon will win, if the result is a draw, we will only lose half of our bet.

Money walking formula, Dragon Tiger

Having said this here, not talking about the money walking formula would not be possible. Although it is not a playing technique that can help increase your chances of winning. But let me tell you beforehand that it can help make our betting more powerful. commonly used in online casino There are many such as Martingale, Super Martingale, Winning Martingale, 1324 Money Formula, Labourer, and many more. If you study all of them, don’t be afraid that you won’t get the money back home.

But for today, I’m going to introduce you to the Martingale money formula, which is known as the basic formula for almost every father of money walking formula institute. And the only thing that this formula will lose is the ultimate nemesis of the formula user. If you think your luck still has some good words for him, let’s go see it.

Martingale money walk formula

As I said, if not really unlucky, this formula can definitely help. Because it is a formula that has been accepted by gamblers all over the world that it is really good, sure to make a profit. The principle of this formula is that we have to keep betting twice the number of losing rounds. And if we win we get back the lost money with 1 unit of profit, but the only downside is if you don’t have enough money. Or if you lose 5 eyes in a row, I can tell you that it’s a big waste of money.

For a unit bet is a certain amount of money that we set to have a value of 1 unit, for example 100 baht equals 1 unit, etc. As for how to use the Martingale formula as follows

  • 1st round bet 1 unit, if win next round, bet 1 unit, but lose
  • 2nd round, bet 2 units, if you win, return 1 unit if you lose.
  • 3rd round, bet 4 units, if you win, do the same, bet 1 unit, but if you lose again
  • 4th round, bet 8 units, but if the luck is still unlucky, lose again
  • Round 5, bet 16 units. If this round we win, we will get 1 unit of profit back with all the lost capital since the first round. But if this round still loses again, then stop. So you don’t have to be a burden on your wallet.

For those who are interested in using this formula, I recommend that there should be a capital of 100 units. It will be safe. At least if you lose the Dragon Tiger 5 times in a row, you still have money left in your pocket. can still play other games But if you want to fight, I don’t recommend it. Because no matter how long we lose or win, the longer we sit The opportunity that we will lose to online casino It will increase more and more according to the house edge rules.