5 deadly diseases from smoking that men know and must quit

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regular smoking It’s very dangerous. Another one for you, man . It’s like a ticking time bomb that contains a variety of toxins. ready to destroy various systems of your body indefinitely In addition, the smell of cigarette smoke is also polluting. That negatively affects those who inhale it in the short and long term. Which can tell that smoking is not good for anyone. and also the cause of disease The following as well

5 deadly diseases from smoking that men know and must quit

1. Heart disease

Several studies have indicated that Most deaths from heart disease It is directly linked to smoking, with up to 20 percent due to the toxins in certain cigarettes constricting the arteries. As a result, sometimes the blood is unable to nourish the heart. As a result, the heart rate is arrhythmia and can be life-threatening.

2. Cancer

Smoking can cause all types of cancer. The most common is lung cancer. The patients with this disease สมัคร ufabet smoke more than 2 packs per day and smoke regularly. More dangerous than smokers are those who smell. It can result in cancer in the long run.

3. Emphysema

Excessive smoking damages the alveoli walls causing inflammation and tearing. We call this condition emphysema These air sacs have a face to purify oxygen into the bloodstream. When these air bags are damaged will cause the patient to get tired easily and have tachycardia, weight loss, shallow breathing, which requires close medical supervision

4. pneumonia or pneumonia

Tobacco smoke is the main cause of airway irritation. Causing patients to have difficulty breathing, fever, headache, cough, sore throat, some cases may have severe symptoms such as chest pain, vomiting, sputum mixed with blood, so pneumonia can occur in both smokers and smokers.

5. Diabetes

Research has shown that people who are addicted to cigarettes and who smoke regularly have higher blood sugar levels than those who never smoked. due to the toxins in cigarettes will accumulate in the pancreas causing the pancreas to work more slowly Resulting in high blood sugar levels and diabetes itself.

However, smoking is one of the behaviors that cause harm to smokers and those around them. that has been inhaled from cigarette smoke which resulted in various diseases and abnormalities such as tooth decay, bad breath, body odor, premature aging, sexual dysfunction including various mental illnesses Although smoking is not the direct cause But it is a stimulating factor that causes abnormalities. know this You men should abstain. avoid and quit for good health of yourself and those close to you