9 risky behaviors “thin hair”

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People’s hair will be thinner. It is due to many reasons, including the genetic system. and living behaviors that risk causing hair loss until it reaches a critical stage, becoming a person with thin hair or baldness, which if it is a matter of the genetic system The healing process may require the approach of science and medicine. but if caused by the way of life we ​​are doing We may be able to stop those risky behaviors by ourselves. Hello doctor, I would like to bring everyone to know about The risky behavior made me thin when I realized it. We should stop increasing those risks. So that our head has thick and shiny hair forever.

9 risky behaviors "thin hair"

Risky behaviors cause thinning hair.

  1. stress

The main reason that contributes to hair loss until it becomes thinning hair is stress. And all kinds of stress have an effect on the scalp. Because of the increase in the level of the hormone cortisol, the stress hormone in the body will result in the hair on the scalp starting to fall out

  1. taking a hot or lukewarm bath

Hot water or warm water that we take a shower. will get rid of the water from the hair Makes hair and scalp dry. Dry scalp and hair are at high risk of hair loss. until it became a problem with thinning hair followed

  1. Tying your hair or making a hairstyle that must be tied too tightly

Any hairstyle that requires tying, gathering, or pulling is too tight or too tight. There is a high chance that the hair follicles on the scalp will become tight and damaged, leading to hair loss.

  1. The scalp gets too hot.

with heat from sunlight heat from hair straighteners or a heat wave from whatever If the scalp and hair are heated for a long time. or keep in touch on a regular basis It will result in the cuticle on the scalp damaged and thinned. Until causing hair loss, thinning hair

  1. Side effects from medication

Medicines used to treat certain health conditions may have side effects that cause hair loss and thinning hair, such as antidepressants, antihypertensive drugs, anti-anxiety drugs, etc. will be better Talk to your doctor or pharmacist about how to manage side effects or change your medication.

  1. Using an improper comb

Choosing a comb also plays an important role in the health of your hair and scalp as well. especially a metal comb Because of the risk of causing heat and friction while combing the hair. A plastic comb might be a better option. But should choose a comb that looks rounded. There is a gap between the combs that is not too small. Because of the risk that the hair will become tangled with the comb. And must pull until the risk of breaking and falling hair

  1. using improper hair care products

Products for scalp and hair maintenance that are sold today. There are many brands for us to choose from and use. But not all products are suitable for the https://ufabet999.com health of the scalp and hair, so choosing a shampoo or conditioner that is suitable for your scalp condition. It will help strengthen the scalp and make the hair strong. It can also reduce some hair problems.

  1. Wash your hair too little or wash your hair too much.

Anything too little is usually not good. Too much is also not good. For the health of hair and scalp There is no escape from the truth in this matter. Not washing your hair infrequently risks making your scalp oily. causing the scalp to lack nutrients from shampoo and conditioner. Risk of deteriorating the health of the scalp and causing hair loss or thinning hair.

At the same time, if you wash your hair too often. It is risky to make the scalp oily as well. Because the oil glands have always been stimulated. Including having the effect of causing hair to fall out while washing your hair. because the scalp and hair have friction both pulling and rubbing the hair too often Therefore, washing your hair should be within the scope of fit. maybe once a day once or twice a day according to the suitability of the scalp condition but in one day Shouldn’t wash your hair more than necessary.

  1. eating unhealthy food

eating healthy food In addition to having good results that make the body healthy and strong It is also good for the health of the scalp and hair with a nutrient-rich diet. Protein, vitamin C, iron, zinc and fat are all nutrients for scalp health. Reduce the problem of hair loss and thinning hair.