Recommend diet tricks to lose weight effectively in 2 weeks, safe and not yo-yo

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Want to lose weight to achieve results in just 2 weeks, emphasizing that it must be a way that is safe for the body And as a result, there will be no yo-yo symptoms if girls have a weight loss problem like this. Let me tell you that I’m on the right track. Because today we will invite you to know about 10 secrets that help you lose weight effectively within 2 weeks to share with the girls. I have used it.

Recommend diet tricks to lose weight effectively in 2 weeks, safe and not yo-yo

1. For breakfast, eat cereal and almond milk.
Start by changing the menu in the morning. It recommends eating 1 cup of whole grains with almond milk. Or you can switch to eating yogurt and berries as well. Because these foods are better than grilled pork sticky rice or high-fat foods. because it is difficult to digest

2. Lunch focuses on eating high protein foods.
For lunch, focus on low-calorie, high-protein foods. Focus on chicken breast, tomatoes and cucumbers, or you can add 2 boiled eggs and boiled carrots as well. Because these foods are low in fat, low in calories, and easy to digest.

3. Eat 2 snacks.
Eating snacks helps the digestive system work fully. But snacks that are recommended to eat should be berries, cereals or almonds, which are foods that help you feel full for a long time and not fat. get more done

4. Dinner, eat low-calorie food.
For dinner that is recommended to eat during weight loss is a low-calorie meal. and should have fewer calories than breakfast and lunch Importantly, the time of dinner must be about 4-6 hours away from the time of bedtime.

5. Increase the amount of vegetables eaten at every meal.
At every meal, it is recommended to increase the amount of vegetables eaten. so that the digestive system and excretion work well Because vegetables contain fiber, which helps the digestive system work systematically. So it can reduce belly well as well.

6. Eat foods that contain fiber.
fiber foods Whether it’s vegetables or fruits Contributes to helping the body get the UFABET energy and nutrients it needs. It also helps to keep your stomach full for longer. Importantly, recommend to girls. Eat fruit instead of sweets or snacks. This will help reduce the amount of calories very well ever.

7. Eat complex carbohydrates.
Complex carbohydrate foods such as brown rice, brown rice or whole wheat bread. Contributes to the sugar level in the body does not increase rapidly. Therefore, it makes you feel full for a long time. thus reducing appetite as well

8. Reduce sugar intake.
If girls can reduce sugar intake, such as pearl milk tea, various desserts, it will help to lose weight quickly. Because sugar is a type of carbohydrate that will eventually be converted into fat.

9. Reduce sodium intake.
condiments or even fish sauce and salt They are all sodium foods. If the body gets too much It will make the body swell easily.

10. Jump rope 20 minutes a day
Jumping rope 20 minutes a day every day is a very good exercise that helps lose weight. because on average Just 15 minutes of jumping rope is equivalent to 30 minutes of jogging.

How are you doing with 10 tips to help you lose weight within 2 weeks? Each item is not difficult to follow, right? However, don’t forget to apply it. Guarantee that it will not cause yo-yo symptoms for sure.