Arsenal 5-0 Sheffield United: Issues after the Premier League game: “A gun is worse than a sword”, opening the house to crush the newcomers.

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  • Enketia scores his first Premier League hat trick in professional football.
  • The Gunners are still unbeaten in the Premier League this season.
Arsenal 5-0 Sheffield United: Issues after the Premier League game: "A gun is worse than a sword", opening the house to crush the newcomers.

It took Arsenal half an hour to open the first wound in this ทางเข้า ufabet game. Before the frontman attacked and crushed Sheffield United , they continued their pursuit of the Premier League position.

Reserve opportunity

Arsenal adjusted many positions in this game due to wanting to rest some of the team before entering a brutal period of playing 4 games within 11 days in November. Make this team become a mixed team. This is an opportunity for reserve players who need time on the field to play in various positions. and had quite an effect on the game of the artillery army

Irregularity of the host and the visiting team’s defensive wall

The home team and substitutions mixed in in this game. The problem that occurred was the inconsistency in the offensive set. In the first 45 minutes, Arsenal was able to set up the game and attack. But the team wasn’t fluid enough. Quality of entry during 30 minutes, only 2 times. The players’ understanding of the game continues to cause problems for the team. Especially coming to meet with a new visiting team that wants to take points home. and choose to buy a tough defensive game first This makes the game not so easy.

The first goal changed the game.

Getting Arsenal’s first goal in this game Makes a huge difference in this game. Because it means unlocking the home owner. and having to change the visiting team’s plans and made it clear that The away team’s situation is still a team full of problems in dealing with the Premier League when they return again. Because they were unable to set up the offensive game as well as they should have. And the more you play, the more it disappears from the game. Before the final goal came pouring in and the game eventually fell apart.

Enketia with a hat trick

The England striker has always been criticized for his inconsistent performance. And many times it cannot make a difference in the game. But not with this game where the first goal is unlocked in the entire game. before adding two more goals in the second half that allowed him His first hat trick in the Premier League, taking the ball home for the first time in top-flight football.