Grading Chelsea’s players in the Premier League game. Good form disappeared with the wind, losing to Brentford at home 0-2 : Player Ratings

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Played excellent in the last game, almost defeating Arsenal
But the good form disappeared today as Chelsea easily lost to Brentford
And this is the ability score. of the Chelsea players in this game

Program: Football English Premier League 2023/24
Match date: Saturday 28 October 2023
Stadium: Stamford Bridge
Result: Chelsea 0-2 Brentford

Grading Chelsea's players in the Premier League game. Good form disappeared with the wind, losing to Brentford at home 0-2 : Player Ratings

After a big Premier League match that almost defeated Arsenal when they led 2-0 before being called back 2-2 last week, Chelsea fans probably expected their beloved team to continue. continue the continuation Pressing a team that isn’t as strong as Brentford isn’t difficult, but where they are, the good form they’ve had has dwindled. And it turned out to be an easy victory. of the visiting team.

Chelsea player ratings

Robert Sanchez – 5,

had 1-2 saves but was helpless in the goal at 1-0 in the 58th. As for the 2-0 that pushed up the offensive game. There may be a small flaw. who didn’t try to cut off the โปรโมชั่น ufabet game in exchange for a red card until Mbemo shot the bill and ended the game

Mark Gugureya – 6

Should have done better in the dangerous charging moments in the first half. But he shot lightly into the goalkeeper’s hand. As for the overall form, it’s not bad. But it doesn’t flash and threaten the opponent like when there was Ben Chilwell on the field.

Levi Colville – 6,

paired with senior Thiago Silva, has gained quite a following. But the quality is still not at the level that can completely dispel the defensive game.

Thiago Silva – 6

played his 87th Premier League game and made no mistakes. But it couldn’t be helped by the 2 goals lost.

Axel Disasi – 5

recovered from injury and returned to right-back. And can defend and hold the position quite well. But it opened up a gap until Brentford got a 1-0 lead and the offensive game went blind.

Moises Caicedo – 6

actively takes charge of his game. But it was considered not very useful in a game where Chelsea had to focus on attacking to get 3 points (and got countered to the tip of the chin).

Connor Gallagher – 7

Almost moved the score to Chelsea in the 12th minute, a long shot that had good weight and direction. But he is a super saver for the visiting team’s goalkeeper. In addition to that, it is quite useful in connecting games. It’s a shame that today the friends in front of me were a little strange and didn’t flow smoothly.

Raheem Sterling – 6

In a game like this where Sterling should be at the heart of the attack, Chelsea were unable to respond. It was a relatively quiet day. Unable to play against Brentford’s back home as they should.

Cole Palmer – 7

Almost the only “good player” for Chelsea these days with his ability and good ball sense. Always committed to creating the offensive game. I’m just stuck and haven’t had a chance to finish it myself. visible throughout the game

Noni Madueke – 5

returns to the starting line-up after being absent for a while. and saw the opportunity to flick a shot and hit the crossbar But that was the only thrilling shot the young England winger provided in the game.

Nicholas Jackson – 5

Tried to run a lot and got out of position at times. And this game does not have enough quality to play against the Brentford defense, making it another disappointing match.


Reece James (in place of Axel Disasi, 67) – 5

recovered from injury and came back as a substitute for the last twenty minutes. But in addition to not helping the team come back Then conceded the 2nd goal in injury time again.

Jan Maatsen (replacing Noni Madueke, 67) – 5

expected to be special in attacking along the line. But it hardly plays a role. Even though I tried to run a lot.

David Washington (replacing Mark Gugureya 81) N/A

got his first taste of the game. But there was only a glimpse of the opportunity to be on the field. Not enough to be able to cast any form in time.

Lesley Ugochukwu (replaces Moises Caicedo, 81) N/A,

as does David Washington, who went down and barely found the ball.