Introducing 10 football betting websites 2022 that should have users because of high yield

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One of the most popular ways to earn extra income during this period. is to bet online Because there is a way to play that is not very difficult. Just choose which side will win. Even in the beginning, it may be difficult to remember the price of the ball, what is PAP. What is a half ball, what is a half ball, what is a half ball? But when you get used to or begin to understand these odds Plus relying on reading football analysis often. It’s only 90 minutes for the ball to kick in. There is a chance to earn money to use comfortably.

What is online football betting, can you get real money or not ?

ever since Football betting has been with Thai society for at least 20 years. But in the past, we had to hide and seek because it was still illegal. Time to bet on a pair of balls, you have to run to the ball table. Had to put cash on the table. Before clearing the money, it may have to wait until the end of the night. Which may cause a reasonable waste of opportunity. If you want to bet on a new pair Often times, players are stubbornly hit by the dealer off the ball table. Or being arrested by the police until they can’t come back to open the table again.

But when technology has developed more Anyone can access the internet. Therefore, online gambling websites have put football betting in an online format to make it more convenient to bet. can choose to stab at any time choose any price (Each website will have different prices to play) when the ball is over, then clear the money to continue playing immediately. You don’t have to wait until the end of the day as usual. It also has more gameplay than ever before. such as betting on a set of football or ball steps Choosing to bet on high-low scores, etc., if satisfied with the profits that have been acquired It can be withdrawn and used at all. or keep it for playing for days no problem If you choose a good website You don’t have to be afraid to be cheated.

In addition to the matter of convenience Another thing that players can get from online gambling sites. is various promotions such as welcome promotions that give up to 200%, some websites have free money credits And some websites offer cash back bonuses if you lose up to the amount set by the website.

What is 1 x 2 football price, is it profitable ?

Many people may feel a bit confused. When they see the term 1 x 2 football odds, some people may be confused with the half-and-half odds. In fact, this number refers to football bets that take the win or loss as a measure of their bets. It can be briefly described as follows.

  • If 1 is selected it means betting on the home team to win.
  • if selecting 2 means betting on the away team to win.
  • If selected x means betting that both teams will tie.

When entering the online football betting page There will be two more sets of letters, HT and FT, in front of the 1 x 2 ball odds. What needs to be understood further in this section is that HT stands for Half Time or just the first half while FT stands for Full Time or Full Match. time So be sure to consider whether you only want to bet on the first 45 minutes or the entire match.

If you ask if it’s profitable? I have to answer that very well. If you choose the right side and choose a good price For example, Liverpool VS Man City, if you play at the price of 1 x 2 by betting on Man City 100 baht at the rate of 18.00 if Man City beat Liverpool. You will immediately receive 1,800 baht including capital, but if Liverpool win will lose only 100 baht The pay rate here will be even higher. But in the past, there have been occasions of giant collapses often seen. If you take a risk and get a return of many times this size Put a little money on the end of the glove and you may win money for the capital in other games.

How to choose a football betting website promotion?

A newbie who has just entered this industry for a long time. Maybe not sure which website to choose which promotion is good? In order to create the best value for yourself Because nowadays, there are no less than 50 websites to choose from, and each website has unlimited promotions. We therefore recommend you to choose from these promotions.

Free credit promotion : 

This promotion is suitable for newbies who have just learned to play. and those who love but have little capital Most of the online gambling websites usually give free money ranging from 50-300 baht and often have a turnover amount set at least 20 times, which players must play to have a rollover amount as specified by the website. keep it so it can be withdrawn Tell me you’re playing well. After a few nights it was withdrawn. Or use it to make capital without having to go out of your pocket for a baht

Welcome Promotion : 

Generally, online gambling websites usually have a welcome promotion for players who sign up for the service. and make a deposit for the first time on the web Which will be given as a cash contribution to the wallet, which is calculated from the first deposit from 50-200%, up to a maximum of 10,000 baht, some websites may have free spins for playing slots in order to change the atmosphere And some websites may be given as gifts or baskets delivered directly to the front of the house. In this section, you have to see for yourself which one you want more.

Deposit promotion : 

This promotion is often found on popular websites. It will be distributed to players who have deposited 3-5 times or more. Or some websites may be distributed every day. Please deposit money that you see often. Usually it is the first deposit of the day, receive 10% of the deposit, up to a maximum of 500 baht. Another advantage of this promotion is low turnover, a lot of bets, a single game may reach the turn that the website has set at all.

Cashback Promotion : 

People who have recently played may feel that this promotion is not interesting. Or probably won’t have much. But people who have been betting online for a long time and stabbing a lot at a time Know that this bonus is very important. because the website will refund from the total bet amount Or total loss, give 1-2%, even if it looks small, but if you get it back in the period when the budget is low or the period that you want to continue the capital It is one of the great gifts that can be obtained from the website.

Which football betting website should be released through?

We have already introduced promotions for football betting sites. Now it’s time to suggest which sites should not pay attention. Or just let it pass at all. This is because these sites have a high chance of cheating. Some websites may close at all. Some websites may intentionally crash the system to prevent players from logging in. Let’s see what kind of websites they have.

Exaggerated promotion giveaway 

in the previous topic Let’s just briefly read about how much bonuses are offered by most websites. If you find more, for example, give away a 500% bonus or give away 1,000 baht free money even if possible. But it’s very hard to find. or have a very high turnover If you come across any website that is giving away promotions like this, assume that there must be something wrong with it. There is a chance that the website will be shut down in the future.

Problems with transactions 

good online gambling sites Especially football betting with high turnover all the time, there should be reliable, verifiable and fast transactions. In the past, there are many websites that have raised the issue of time as their own strength. Whenever you start to notice that the website There are few ways to transfer money. take longer than usual And often have problems with transactions on a regular basis. especially clearing the balance Hurry back and get away as quickly as possible.

Difficult to contact the staff 

Most of the online gambling websites have a variety of channels to contact the UFABET website’s staff, such as Live Chat on the website, phone number, line or Facebook 24 hours a day because players ask for details. including frequently reporting problems encountered while using the website But if you start to get more difficult to contact the staff. No matter which channel, they rarely answer. It should stop playing until a clarification from the website. Or change the new website completely to cut down the problem.

There is a frequent problem of corruption

this matter does not need to be experienced by yourself to know. If entering to exchange opinions with other online gamblers. via web forums, Facebook groups, and others. that like having problems with cheating Change the price continuously. Can’t press the bet. Lock the money, won’t give it back. So please hurry to avoid these websites as far as possible.